Equestrian Yoga

What is Equestrian Yoga?

Equestrian yogaDanny Chapparo combines her two passions, horses and yoga, and specializes in teaching Equestrian Yoga, an integral and flowing Hatha Yoga practice that addresses the specific postures and movements of the horseback rider’s body.  It focuses on balance, flexibility, core strength, lower back, shoulders, and hips.

Horses pick up on the emotional environment, including our own energy and are a true mirror of our emotional state.  When our energy centers are balanced in harmony, horses and humans lead a healthier life!

Join Danny and learn how you can use your breath as an aid to stay in synch with your horse even when fear and nerves arise during a ride.

Equestrian Yoga is suitable for all levels.

Danny was a presenter at the 2014 Yoga Journal LIVE! in Estes Park, teaching Equestrian Yoga. She was also a speaker about at the National North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) in Denver in February 2013 and at the Parker Elizabeth Riding Club (PERC) in April 2013.

Benefits of Equestrian Yoga

The yoga poses practiced, on and off the horse, will help you

  • Develop a deeper seat and lower your center of gravity by opening up your hips and building a stronger core
  • Open up your shoulders so your arms can move more freely with the reins
  • Improve your balance, being able to put more equal weight into your sit bones and stirrups
  • Stay connected in the saddle while looking at that next jump or that cow you are working with
  • Use your body, mind, and breath, to build that deep connection and relationship with your equine partner

Be the student – let the horse be your teacher!

Incorporate Equestrian Yoga into your regular training, or make it a special event (family gathering, bachelorette parties, etc.) by adding a trail ride, wine and snacks after the practice.

Take a sneak preview at some of the poses you will be practicing with your equine partner. Additional videos can be seen on the Ashva Yoga YouTube Channel.


Contact us for more details or to schedule your own private mounted equestrian yoga event.

Please review the policies and procedures regarding Colorado Law before registering for equestrian yoga classes.