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Yoga 101

with Lourdes Wiley 

Saturdays, Noon – 1:15 pm, starting Jan. 13

A 6- week series designed to introduce the basic elements of Yoga including the postures (asana), breathing (pranayama) and safe alignment for each unique body. This series of classes will help to develop confidence and enthusiasm for your personal practice!

Yoga 101 is open to beginning students as well as experienced students who wish to “fine-tune” their practice foundation by focusing on the “basics”.

Each class will explore various aspects of Yoga beyond the physical practice. 
Students are welcome to attend any or all of the classes. 

Yoga 101 is a great way to begin, re-commit to, or deepen your Yoga practice in 2018!

Week 1– All about the breath (pranayama) and spine
Week 2– Opening hips, shoulders, and awareness
Week 3– Building strength through the Warriors and standing poses
Week 4– Balance of body and mind through asana and meditation
Week 5– Going with the Flow- Exploring Sun Salutations
Week 6– Simple inversions, twists, and the Five Koshas

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Yoga & Dreams

with Katherine Ewald 

Saturday, Feb. 3 2-4 pm 

Join Katherine Ewald for this amazing workshop!
Take part in a 1 hour hatha yoga practice, followed by dream work and interpretation.
Katherine has studied dream analysis with Dr. Jack Miller, a student of Carl Jung. She will share key ideas, symbols, and meaning of dreams (fire, water, flying, etc.). It is our psyche expressing and communicating with us during our sleep.
As time permits, you are welcome to share your own dreams (optional).
We recommend you have a few recent dreams of yours written up in a journal for own personal reference.

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Valentine’s Day Yoga & Wine

with Danny Chapparo 
Saturday, Feb. 10 5-6:30pm
Join us for our 8th annual Valentine’s Day Yoga & Wine event. A yoga practice full of partner poses.
Singles and couples welcome!
Come with or without a partner/friend.
Bring a snack and/or wine to share after the yoga practice.
Space is limited to 16 students.  Sign up early to reserve your spot.


Mounted Equestrian Yoga

with Danny Chapparo

Saturday, Mar. 3 10-11:30 am 

Tow things we love – Horses & Yoga!

Equestrian Yoga in the saddle combines the principles of yoga with the movement and energy of the horse.

Why Equestrian Yoga?
What we bring into the saddle – breath, flexibility, balance, awareness & presence – directly influences our riding and interaction with our horses.

This 90 minute Equestrian Yoga practice includes gentle poses off and on the horse, with lots of breathing and awareness on how to deepen your connection with your horse.

We’ll be practicing hip openers, shoulder stretches, deep twists, and lateral stretches to improve flexibility and balance when riding.

Used consistently, Equestrian Yoga complements any other riding instruction or training you receive on your journey toward a better horse-rider relationship.

It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection with the horse, as well as your inner self. The time you spend in the saddle doing asanas (poses) is a great opportunity to include your equine partner in your practice.

All levels of yogis & yoginis welcome!
Suitable for equestrians of any riding discipline. Must bring your own horse.

At the Chapparo Ranch in Castle Rock, CO

(Backup date: Mar. 10th)

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