Great Workshops coming up…

Great Workshops coming up…. 

  • Chartering Souls Workshop

    Sunday, Oct. 29 3-5 pm 

    Come join Katherine Ewald at Ashva Yoga for a two hour workshop!
    This workshop is for those that feel a deeper need to release emotions and reconnect with their soul’s purpose, thru yoga and art therapy with journaling ending with meditation.

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  • Double Gong Bath & Singing Bowl Concert

    with Tana Pittman and Siana Coughran
    Saturday, Dec. 2 2-3:30pm 

    Come and join us for this amazing experience!

    Tana Pitman and Siana Coughran, will guide you through a Hatha Yoga practice, including a meditation to prepare you for a wonderful hour of “Layout” Savasana.

    During your rest you will be relaxing to Tibetan Singing Bowls and two beautiful “Paiste” Symphonic Gongs.

    Space is limited – sign up here


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