Yoga on the beachTake a moment to review some comments and testimonials from Ashva Yoga students, then sign up for a class and judge for yourself. We’re sure you’ll love practicing yoga with us.


“This studio is so much more than just a place to practice yoga. I Love ❤️ the atmosphere and the community we belong to. All the teachers are awesome.”

“Excellent instructors. Nice inviting studio. Best in the neighborhood.”

“Being a part of this amazing community has been so inspiring. I look forward to each class not only because the instruction is so awesome, but because everyone is friendly and supportive. The studio is always clean and the atmosphere is calm. In addition, instruction is given for poses that are challenging due to physical limitations such as tight hamstrings or back issues. This is truly an excellent place to practice for all levels of yoga.”

“Thank you for a wonderful couples event on Valentines!!! It was a pleasure to learn from you yet again!”

“Fabulous Hatha Class with Lourdes today; connecting & focusing on the breath as we each found our way into balancing poses. I don’t know of a better way to enter a crazy holiday week than to be GROUNDED & CENTERED!”

“I had never practiced Yoga. I have a few medical issues (who doesn’t?), Danny made me feel comfortable and helped me with my issues. The environment is welcoming to ALL. I count my blessings on finding Ashva Yoga!”

“Basically one of my most favorite places ever. I could live here – small personal classes, attention, and everyone is extremely welcoming and nice! Should’ve come sooner!”

“Love Ashva yoga! Awesome practice this morning. Can’t wait until I retire and can take more than 1 class a week.”

“Such an awesome inspirational instructor. Loved every second of our equestrian yoga experience.”

Equestrian Yoga was terrific experience. Danny ‘s approach was innovative and knowledgeable.”

“The equine yoga was amazing! I loved everything about it. Danny was completely inspirational and wonderful.”

“Excellent instructor for Equestrian Yoga; so glad to find out she is in Castle Rock as I reside in Denver – she offers both equestrian yoga and ‘kinda hot’ yoga.”

“I started taking classes at Ashva Yoga over 2 years ago.  The transformation has been incredible.  I no longer suffer from the aches and pains that used to plague me.  My strength and flexibility has improved.  My chiropractor says my lower back is the best it has been in 5 years.  Danny is an outstanding teacher – with a strong emphasis on correct form, she makes sure that your experience is safe and fun. Not only will you get a great workout, you will leave class feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Give it a try – you will not be disappointed!”

– Maureen C.

“Having practiced yoga for quite some time, as well as being a horsewoman, I already understood the value of balance, focus and feel. And as much as I respect Danny as a yoga instructor, I didn’t think there would be much new for me to learn on my horse. I went to be social.
Danny’s exercises gave me a deeper, more-relaxed and aware connection in my seat than I have ever experienced! And with the breathing exercises, I found that I was able to get out of my horse’s way and truly follow him so that he could move more freely. These were the things my trainers have been trying to teach me! And it came about almost effortlessly with Danny.

I had no idea how this ‘Equestrian Yoga’ would improve my riding. And it was FUN! When do we get to do it again?!”

– Cath W.

Equestrian yoga“Growing up in suburban Ohio, horses were not part of the culture.  I have lived in Colorado for 24 years, and have lived in Elizabeth for almost 12 years… horses are a part of the culture. I have taken yoga classes on and off for 19 years and have taken numerous yoga mat classes with Danny for the past year or so. I took my first Equestrian Yoga class in the Spring of 2012 with pretty much no experience with horses and feeling a little nervous not knowing what I’m doing.    Combining yoga while interacting and riding horses is such an amazing experience.  The benefits are many… one, having a centeredness both mentally and physically through the use of breath and posture makes one more present in the interactions with the horse.  There is a calmness that is vital to connecting with the horse as well as simply better positioning in the saddle, which for me as a complete beginner I’ve learned is utterly important in horseback riding.  I look forward to continuing to take Equestrian Yoga workshops to build my confidence and skills to become a competent horseback rider.” 

– Tina U.