Ashva Yoga has highly qualified and certified yoga teachers that offer a variety of yoga styles and classes for all levels. Whether you have never done yoga or practiced for a long time, our teachers can offer you a yoga practice that will make you healthier, stronger, and keep you challenged.

Danny Chapparo  E-RTY200

Danny ChapparoDanny Chapparo is the owner and founder of Ashva Yoga. She was born and raised in Germany. Her love of Colorado and its great outdoors motivated her to move to Denver in 1995. Danny was introduced to Yoga and Pilates in 2001 and has since then been an avid yoga practitioner. Her training and personal experience includes many styles of yoga, including Anusara, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Power Yoga, and Restorative Yoga.

Danny is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-200) through Yoga Alliance and has also studied with John Friend, Baron Baptiste, Tias Little, Jamie Allison, and Desiree Rumbaugh.

Danny incorporates her horsemanship and equestrian background into her teaching.  Her style is energetic and enthusiastic and reflects her experience in all of these types of yoga practices, with a strong emphasis on proper alignment.  Danny studied with 4-star Parelli Instructors, Julie Goodnight, Ty Weber, and several other Natural Horsemanship trainers.

Her goal is to create a fun, yet safe environment and empower her students to relax, develop greater strength, and improve flexibility.

Danny holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and Master of Business Administration.

She was a presenter at the 2014 and 2015 Yoga Journal LIVE! in Estes Park, CO, teaching Equestrian Yoga, speaker at the National North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) in Denver in February 2013 and at the Parker Elizabeth Riding Club (PERC) in April 2013.


Vivian Markey E-RYT500

Vivian MarkeyVivian Markey and her husband, Scott, are “Air Force brats”. When it came time to decide where to live and raise their family they chose Colorado; they moved here 27 years ago. Viv took her first yoga class in college over 34 years ago and continued to practice off and on for years until she began her true, devoted practice of Iyengar yoga over 15 years ago.

Vivian became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) through Yoga Alliance in spring of 2006 and began teaching that autumn. While in her training Viv began practicing Anusara yoga and in January of 2007 took the first of hundreds of hours in the study of the practice and therapeutic application of Anusara yoga. She has studied with John Friend, Amy Ippoliti, Desiree Rumbaugh, Martin Kirk and her mentor, Cindy Lusk. Vivian has also been privileged to study with Tias Little and Rod Stryker. Vivan reached her E-RYT-500 certification in Fall 2013.

Vivian infuses alignment and knowledge (and laughter, of course) into her classes with the intention of empowering all who practice together. The most important “lesson” from her yoga is the assurance and remembrance of our own intrinsic goodness and strength. She “lives her Yoga” through hiking and walking in Nature, living and laughing with her loved ones and embracing the gift of life.


Gail Chodera

A professional dancer/choreographer and teacher for over 25 years, Gail’s passion for movement, creative expression and knowledge of body mechanics naturally led her to the practice of yoga.

Moving to Colorado 10 years ago, she began her second career as a massage therapist, continued yoga classes and completed her 200 hour yoga teaching certification in 2007.

Gail believes the essence of a yoga practice is a continuous deepening awareness of the body, mind and spirit. She loves integrating anatomy and kinesiology, breath and the energy of the chakras within her yoga classes.

Through her yoga practice and also as a massage therapist, it is her wish to give to others an opportunity to grow in the awareness of self; and to quiet the mind, heal the body, and nourish the heart.


Yvette Costa

Yvette began her yoga career out of curiosity…her interest in exploring this thing called yoga led her to start practicing yoga in 1999. She was hooked, and took her practice further and began teaching in 2008.

She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hour) with Yoga Alliance and holds 500 hour Yoga Therapy Certifications from Loyola Marymount University and Yoga Life Institute. Her teaching style has been influenced by Desiree Rumbaugh (alignment), Shiva Rea (flow), Paul Grilley (anatomy) and Bob Butera (yoga lifestyle).

Yvette’s classes bring awareness to alignment while encouraging a deeper focus on movement. She strives to help her students develop a deeper awareness of their bodies, regardless of age or condition. She also addresses how the choices they make and their reactions to stressful situations show up in their bodies. Through the study and application of yoga postures and philosophy, Yvette hopes that students will shift from an ‘external’ focus to a more ‘internal’ one that embodies mindfulness and compassion for self and others. Her goal is for students to leave feeling focused, peaceful and relaxed.

Amanda Conti

A lifelong athlete and student of wellness and nutrition, Amanda moved to Colorado in 2007 with her husband and three young children. She began practicing yoga that same year to release tension in her neck and shoulders caused by long-distance cycling. She fell in love with the physicality of yoga, as well as its restorative spiritual benefits. After practicing on her own for years, Amanda enrolled in teacher training at Anjaneya School of Yoga in Boulder and received her RYT200 in January 2017.

Amanda’s teaching style is rooted in Hatha yoga, which focuses on breathing and alignment, and Ashtanga yoga, which offers a more vigorous, athletic style of practice. Her goal is to help students develop a balance of strength and flexibility with an emphasis on balancing opposing parts of the physical body. She believes that with a diligent and dedicated yoga practice, anyone can cultivate a sense of stability, a clearer, more peaceful mind and a greater ability to deal with the unexpected curve balls life throws at us off the mat.

Amanda wants her students to leave their practice feeling calm, strong, inspired, and most of all more connected to themselves.

Brooke Page-Thompson

Brooke found yoga 3 years ago when her life and soul needed to find some balance. She’s always been active, playing sports, running, hiking and weight lifting. She always thought yoga was just to stretch out. “Little did I know it was so much more than that! I went on a yoga retreat in Portugal with a friend and have been in love with what yoga has offered me ever since.”

Brooke trained with One Yoga and received her 200 RYT in July 2017. Her style is fun yet purposeful. Her goal in teaching others is helping them to find the connection to their bodies, minds and hearts. Providing a space to practice something with others and create community is her ultimate goal.

Brooke lives her beautiful life with her amazing husband and their fur kids.


Lourdes Wiley

Lourdes discovered yoga almost 15 years ago thanks to a borrowed Rodney Yee DVD. She was not prepared for how energized and harmonious the postures and simply breathing would help her feel. Over the years, she has explored the styles of Power Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha, Restorative, and Yin practices. Lourdes believes that there is a form of yoga for virtually anyone who desires it and that yoga is so much beyond the physical postures.

Yoga has helped Lourdes through many challenges in life, and for this reason she chose to complete her initial 200-hr teacher training through Integrative Yoga Therapy with a focus in Therapeutic Yoga. Coupled with her extensive career as a Registered Nurse and current role as Nurse Educator, Lourdes is exploring how to better promote yoga as a healing art for patients as well as for healthcare providers. Her focus as a teacher is to promote a safe, fun, and healthy practice that meets the student wherever they are. Her personal mantra is “Teach, Heal, Love”.

Kristin Schooler

Kristin is a Colorado native that found the practice of yoga in 2013, after a few years of debilitating health struggles. Once very active, yoga taught Kristin to heal herself, which gave her the chance to live normally again. Through yoga, Kristin learned not only how to heal, she also learned how to quiet her mind and connect with her body. She was drawn to the purity, grace, strength, and balance of the practice.

Kristin was so moved by the practice of yoga and how it had healed her, she completed her intensive 200-hour yoga teacher training at Ithrive Yoga in Parker in May of 2015.

Kristin wanted to completely integrate the spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits of yoga into her daily life, and to share the wisdom she continues to learn through the practice of yoga with others. 

Kristin’s teachings are gentle, with a focus on alignment, as well as the energetic benefits of postures. She encourages her students to connect with their bodies, through mindful cueing and breath work.

In her free time, Kristin enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, daughter, Taylor, and Doberman, Bentley. As a family, they enjoy an active lifestyle which includes camping, boating, snowmobiling, and dirt biking. Kristin is also an avid reader and loves to cook.


Katherine Ewald

Katherine, a business owner for the past 20 years in the health and wellness industry professionally certified massage, Reiki, Craniosacral, Rossiter and grief counselor has led her passion to connect the mind, body and soul to practice yoga.

First introduced to yoga in 1996, to enhance her knowledge of body movement and body mechanics for her health and wellness business. After her initial introduction to Yoga, Katherine strived to deepen her attachment to the philosophy and mythologies of yoga and attended an intensive program at Kripalu.

Katherine has lived in Castle Rock for the past 13 years with her husband, two daughters, their dog Haley and their cat Pebbles. In 2016 Katherine attended Anjaneya School of Yoga in Boulder and received her two hundred hour teacher training in January of 2017. She has become an active member of Yoga Alliance and has had the pleasure of studying with Desiree Rumbaugh, Christina Sell and Jeanie Manchester.

Katherine’s wish as a teacher of yoga is to bring you more in tune with your physical body and developing more consciousness through asanas, breath and meditation.